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A Majikam is the new millennium version of the photo booth.
Free to the public, the Majikam Live Image Interface allows a person to send a live picture and personalized message as an electronic postcard to the e-mail addresses typed into the Majikam interface. The recipient of the Majikam e-mail message is presented with a link to a custom web page or Majikam generated through the Majikam Live Image Interface and Majikam client server. The Majikam E-Postcard also contains the logos and links to the web sites of client businesses and sponsors.


• Create technology excitement at your business or special event.
• Generate web traffic to the clients' and sponsors' web sites
• Advertise and increase customer base
• Harvest e-mail addresses from senders and recipients
• Create banner ads to generate web traffic
Another view of the new Majikam with the iMan stand