FileMaker Pro® and Majikam Break
Attendance and Volume Records
Macworld NYC 2001

Dateline: Jacob Javitz Convention Center
Who:Attendees from all over the World
What :FileMaker® and Majikam

When: Macworld 2001 July 18-20
Where: New York, New York
Why: to "Let the World Know They're There"

FileMaker friends and Macworld Attendees had a grand time sending a record number of Majikam messages and attending a record number of presentations at FileMaker's Multimedia Theatre Monolith.
To see a collection of photos from this block-buster event click the following link: 
Macworld 2001 NYC
Both versions of the Majikam video messaging interface were in perfect form generating thousands of Majikam messages to Macworld attendees and their recipients around the world over the three days of the exhibition. FileMaker, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Unlimited once again team-up to drive delivery of the Majikam messages.
Video Messaging Unveiled
at FileMaker Pro's Monolith
Macworld SF 2001

Dateline: Moscone Convention Center
Who:Attendees from all over the World
What: The New Majikam
Video Messaging System
When: Macworld 2001 January 8-11
Where: San Francisco California
Why: to "Let the World Know They're There"

Sporting an all new front-end Interface Majikam unveiled two new versions of the Majikam Multimedia Internet Messaging Module including a breakthrough video messaging system at FileMaker's MacWorld 2001 exhibit in San Francisco. Here's some details

Version= VideoClip
Allows the user to capture themselves in a Quicktime video clip of a settable length. This mode allows the usual sender & recipient e-mail fields and a text message.

Version= VideoMask
Allows the user to capture a single frame with an optional chroma-key effect putting them in the picture of their choice.

The FileMaker Exhibit at Macworld SF 2001 was a huge success drawing large audiences to the FileMaker theatre presentations where many lucky attendees walked away with the latest FileMaker Software and all were able to send a Majikam to commemorate the occasion after presentations.

Majikam Now Featured at
Dewars' "World of Whisky"

Aberfeldy, Scotland !

Dateline: Today at The Techno Edge of Industrial Showmanship
Who:The Visiting Public
What: The Majikam
Live Image Interface
When: Daily at Dewars' "World of Whiskey" Visitor Center
Where:Aberfeldy, Scotland
Why: to "Let the World Know They're There"

Sporting a Graphical Interface designed by Motivo, and Web Messages powered by FileMakerPro 5 , Majikam LLC has delivered a state-of-the-art Live Image Messaging System or "Majikam" to the Dewars "World of Whiskey" in Aberfeldy Scotland.

At the conclusion of a wondrous trip through Dewars "World of Whiskey" in Aberfeldy, Scotland, patrons can now "Let the World Know They're There"using a high tech version of the old photo-booth called a MajikamĒ

What follows is the story of how it all came together and the companies involved in creating a Majikam custom kiosk.

When Dewars wanted to take its brand and visitor center into the high tech age, it turned to the Motivo design firm to create a web-site and on-site kiosks that are both functional and appealing. After designing a world class interactive web-site for Dewars, Motivo then turned its attention to picking out the right company to deliver an electronic postcard solution for the many kiosks Motivo has implemented for the Dewars "World of Whiskey" Visitors Center.

Motivo was attracted to Majikam's unique methodology, technology, and tested reliability in stand-alone kiosks and high traffic events. Apple's Internet News Department wrote an article about the Majikam which one of Motivo's staff noticed, then they found out first hand about Majikam at the FileMaker Booth, Mac World 2000, NYC. Subsequently, Motivo submitted art and HTML forms with a user flow chart and Majikam integrated that with it's proprietary process to deliver this high tech photo-booth to the Dewars "World of Whiskey" in Aberfeldy, Scotland.

When a World of Whiskey Visitor uses the Majikam this is where the "Majik" starts:

The opening screen to the interface has a pleasant earthy color scheme featuring a water mark of the Dewars Highlander, inviting the user to begin, a modern animation cycling through the upper screen with simple instructions on how to start the process by pressing the 'begin' button. The background screen allows the user to choose which background is going to be superimposed behind them using the Majikam chroma-key feature. These backgrounds are photographs of Dewars world of whiskey locations and famous Dewars commercial artwork. The live screen shows the user in a video stream superimposed on the chosen background in real time. Once the user sees what they like with them blending into the background they click 'take photo' . A preview of the image appears so the user may retake the photo or continue to the addressing screen. On the addressing screen the user enters their name, their e-mail address, the e-mail address of someone else and then a text message. When the user hits the send button a screen congratulates them on the successful completion of their Majikam.

This is when the patented Majikam technology continues work, automatically creating a unique web page or "Majikam" using the users photo and input. Simultaneously e-mailing a link to that Majikam to the sender and the recipient. On the back end Majikam uses several specialized server machines to hold, and serve the database contents to the Majikam web-server machine. The versatility and stability of the FileMaker Web Server Solution using Lasso RDBMS is the backbone of The Majikam message server. FileMakers Unique ability to hold multimedia assets and or references to stored resources makes it the most versatile tool for this type of multimedia web application.

Now waiting in the e-mail boxes of recipients and senders of these Majikams are Majikam message links. Once clicked on these e-mail links open the Majikam in the users default browser. On display in these Majikam messages is the great Motivo design carried through featuring a link to Dewars web-site, the chroma-key video capture made of the sender at the "World of Whiskey", the senders' e-mail and their text message.

There you have it, an up-close look at Majikam, a fun new high-tech messaging system currently part of the Dewars "World of Whiskey" tour in Aberfeldy Scotland.


Majikam.FileMaker¨@MacWorld.2000.NYC !!
MacWorld Expo NYC 2000FileMaker IncHere is a Map to Javitz

Majikam Makes Three Day Run At The MacWorld NYC 2000 FileMaker Inc. Exhibit.
Sends Thousands of Real-time Messages All Over The World.

Dateline: MacWorld NYC 2000
Who:MacWorld Attendees
What: The Majikam
Live Image Interface
When:July 19th-21st 2000
Where: Jacob Javitz Convention Center New York City.

Using two Majikam kiosks at the FileMaker, Inc. Exhibit, MacWorld NYC attendees sent over 2,000 real time Majikam messages to recipients all over the world from the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in New York City. The Majikam kiosks created web pages with Conference attendees video capture image and message, then e-mailed a Majikam link to the attendee and one recipient.
MacWorld Fun with Majikam Above are some digital images of Majikam
fun at the FileMaker Inc. monolith, MacWorld NYC 2000.
All kinds of people waited in line for their turn to send a Majikam
in real-time.

Majikam Plays the Hollywood Palace
Club Goers Send Hundreds of Majikam
Messages Everywhere.

Dateline : the Hollywood Palace
Who:Club Attendees
What: The Majikam Live Image Interface
When:July 8th, 15th-16th 2000
Where:The Historic Hollywood Palace, Hollywood and Vine, Hollywood, California.

Using the Majikam at the Hollywood Palace, tinsel town's club community sent hundreds of Majikam messages to envious friends everywhere. Joining the endless list of entertainment's greats who have played the Palace in Hollywood, Majikam can now proudly take it's place among them. The Palace is an historic proscenium arch theatre that has been retrofitted with state of the art lighting, sound and video equipment allowing it to transform to a top-drawer nightclub, performance hall or special events venue.
Hollywood Palace Majikam Fun
Hollywood Palace Majikam Fun
Above are Hollywood Palace Club-Goers Hamming it Up for the Majikam

Apple HotNews  article on Majikam Apple HotNews  article on Majikam

Majikam makes it to Apple's HotNews for it's innovative use of the iMac.

Apple is very exited about our using their iMac for our Majikam kiosk. We feel the iMac is the perfect blend of realizably, power and user friendliness for our needs. We want to thank Stephanie Jorgl for writing such a brilliant article about the Majikam.

Majikam Performs BackStage
at the 23rd Annual Bammies.

Bammies 2000
Sponsored by the Tower Records California Music Awards, Majikam was rockin' backstage. VIP's, members of the media and even band members sent their majikams to the world. Majikam delivered a custom message commemorating the Event.

Here are some photos taken backstage of people and Majikam in action:



SF 2000 CelebrationMajikam a Big Hit at the San Francisco 2000 Celebration

Thousands of participants sent Majikams from the SF2000 celebration.
Dateline: The New Millennium.
Who: Thousands of attendees
What: The Majikam Live Image Interface
When: New Years Eve 2000
Where: SF2000 Celebration Waterfront Ferry Building

Sponsored by CompUSA and FileMaker Inc. the Majikam company introduced its Live Image Interface machine at the SF2000 celebration this millennium New Years Eve. Thousands of recipients (and forwarded recipients) received still frame video captures and messages sent by their friends and relatives showing them celebrating the eve of the new millennium at the SF2000 event. Using an iMac, Quick Cam and the Majikam software powered by FileMaker Pro, the Majikam interface delivered precious digital moments to people all over the world.

Majikam founder AJ Fardella (left) operates the Majikam for SF2000 attendees. SF2000 attendees in a huge line waiting for their chance to send a Majikam.

Majikam Headlined FileMaker press event during MacWorld in San Francisco.

Majikam featured at FileMaker Press event.
Dateline: MacWorld 2000 San Francisco .
Who: The Press, FileMaker Inc. and Majikam.
What: FileMaker Press Breakfast and Lunch.
When: January 5th & 6th 2000, 9-10 a.m. and 12 noon - 1:30 p.m.
Where: The W Hotel 3rd and Howard Streets San Francisco

Using one of their Majikam E-postcards the Majikam company invited members of the press attending the MacWorld conference to a breakfast and lunch presentation hosted by FileMaker Inc. There, the Majikam company demonstrated the Majikam machine fueled by FileMaker technology. Press members sent their own Majikam messages while learning about the innovative FileMaker program used to build Majikam. Majikam founders A.J. Fardella and Mason Miller were unhand to answer questions about the system's development.

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