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The Majikam kiosk at your business location, night-club, concert venue, convention, wedding, maternity ward, vacation spot, hotel, special event or living room will be an instant focal point for people to share the moment and "Let the world know you're there". The Majikam is a powerful value added advertising tool for developing an Internet presence and promoting your business product and or activity through our video messaging system. It is also a great way for your patrons to create a lasting video message moment while having fun.We here at Majikam are very exited to share our ideas and technology with all interested parties.

AJ Fardella, the Video Majikam, Mason Miller, the Single Frame Majikam, Jon Rustad

For more information about Majikam at your location or special event contact:

A. J. Fardella
telephone: 925 457 0770
fax: 775-269-6357

About Us

Majikam is the invention of A.J. Fardella and Mason Miller. A.J. Fardella is a FileMaker expert and new technology innovator. A.J. is also our account manager and corporate front man. Mason Miller is the founder of Netstreet.net and a network guru with expertise in handling FileMaker databases on the web. Mason keeps our servers running smoothly. Front End Magic provided by Jon Rustad of famous bakery, our Code Wizard. Corporate branding, web site design, and creative support are the work of Martin Dunn of artefx.com.

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